INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (September 16, 2013) – Panther Racing’s annual free poster giveaway has returned, and this year the team is using popular mascot Clutch Cat to bring fans even more awesome prizes. The team will be giving away Clutch Cat posters designed by Panther Graphics to any fan that sends in an Email request. Once fans receive their free Clutch Cat poster, they have an opportunity to win more free Panther merchandise when they hang-up their poster and post a photo to their Twitter or Facebook pages.

First, all you have to do to have your free Clutch Cat poster mailed to you is send an email to with your mailing address. The poster giveaway will last through the end of the IndyCar season or while supplies last (maximum of one poster per person, United States locations only).

After receiving the poster and hanging it in your home, office, place or business, or elsewhere, take a photo and post it to Facebook or Twitter. Be sure to tag Panther Racing and Clutch Cat (@ClutchCat on twitter and ‘ClutchtheCat’ on Facebook) so we can see your post. Fans who post photos could win an “I love Clutch” t-shirt, Panther Racing hat, decals and more fun prizes!

When you receive your “I love Clutch” and Panther Racing merchandise take another photo of your prizes and you’ll be entered to win in Panther’s Grand Prize giveaway. Make sure your photos are unique and that the background is clearly visible and identifiable, and remember to be as creative as possible! The Grand Prize winner will be chosen at the end of the season.

So, do you want a Clutch Cat poster and some awesome Panther Racing prizes? Here’s what you have to do:

Step 1:
Send an email with your mailing address to to request your free Clutch Cat Poster.

Step 2:
Hang your Clutch Cat poster and take a picture. Tweet your photo with the phrase, “Check out my awesome @ClutchCat poster from @PantherRacing and @PantherGraphix!!” Or post the photo on your Facebook page and ‘tag’ Panther Racing and Clutch the Cat.

Step 3:
After tweeting or Facebook tagging us, Panther and Clutch Cat will send you some prizes! To enter the Grand Prize giveaway, take another photo with your prizes and post on twitter with the phrase, “Thank you @ClutchCat and @PantherRacing” or post the photo on Facebook and tag Panther Racing and Clutch the Cat.

The Grand Prize winner will be announced at the end of the IndyCar season. Remember to take creative and unique photos!

*Available only while supplies last
**Available only in the continental U.S.